Friday, September 26, 2014

Beans, beans the magical fruit

Friday 9/26
We're watching a friend today so I decided to get out an activity to keep these kiddos occupied!
Landon Loves to scoop, pour, transfer anything and everything.  So I got out a couple containers, measuring cups, and bowls and filled them with beans, which are fabulously cheap.  They had a great time scooping, spilling, tasting, cleaning up, pouring and transferring the beans.  I used a cheapy shower curtain to help make clean up later easier and to catch spills...however, I'd use something different like a big quilt or towel, something heavier that wouldn't bunch up when you step on it.  There's my fun activity for the day- what did you do?

Sir Elton John

I got to see Elton John in concert last night, and it was magical.  Thanks to a friend, Erin, who procured the free tickets, Me, Jodi, Liz, Tammy, Alicia, and Erin got to see him in all his glory!
It was 2.5 hours of straight was exhausting and amazing.  He's no spring chicken, at 67 years old, he rocked it and gave it his all!  and we all loved singing his songs, "Benny and the Jets, Blues, Circle of Life, Tiny dancer, and several more...the piano was on fire. I was pretty excited to sport my hot hammer pants too..


I wanted to try and highlight some of the fun things Landon and I are doing and what works and what doesn't!  Would love your feedback too- what fun, interesting, creative, simple, activities are you doing with your kiddos?

Thursday 9/25/14
Balloon Fun- Landon has had a love/hate relationship with balloons..he used to loathe them bc they were scary and moved on their own..however, he is now in love with them!  He loves hitting, kicking, throwing the balloon.  I blew one up and for 45 mins he played with the balloon- running after it, kicking it, using my brush to hit, etc.  I played with him part of the time, but for a lot of the time he was totally involved on his own!  And he was running everywhere so when nap time came- he was ready! Simple, cheap and a good time!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

9 months later

The last 9 months have nothing short of amazing, happy, tiring, scary, perfect, and fun! I'm going to try and write a little bit each day/ hopefully I can keep family and friends up to date with our little family.
We just got back from a little family vacation in Oahu-staying on the North Shore.  Landon did such a great job on the flights and was amazing in Hawaii.  He just goes with the flow and loved being on the beach and crawling around.  He ate so much sand he may have pooed sand bricks..which i call S-ricks.  He was constantly mesmerized by the blowing palm trees and absolutely loved eating apple bananas.   It was lovely and I want to move back asap, if not sooner :)

I just had a quick question- do you think there is a family resemblance? 
At Sunset Beach- goll landon

Temple Beach right out our back door